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Masimo Root Training

Your customized Masimo-U Portal has been created! In just a few easy steps your staff can begin training on the Masimo products being installed at your facility.


  1. Registration

Visit the following link to register and fill out the required fields:


  • Registration allows users to create a personal Masimo-U within the customized portal. Masimo-U will keep track of which activities have been completed, so do not share your login information with other users.


  • To visit the site again, go to and enter your unique user credentials. The link shown above is ONLY for registration purposes!


  • If you wish to visit Masimo-U again, please make sure to note the password you created (If you forget, you can always retrieve this by selecting “Retrieve my password” from the login page), and note the email used to create the account. Be sure to click on “Logout” on the top right of the home page.



Complete the assigned modules - These include:


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