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BeneVision TM80

Ambulatory monitoring to support your workflow

The Mindray BeneVision TM80 II is a patient-worn telemetry monitor which enables the safe surveillance of ambulatory patients. This compact device provides accurate and uninterrupted measurements of ECG, respiration and SpO2 in real-time.

With the TM80 touchscreen display, intuitive gestures provide quick access to important patient information. A flick accesses up to seven ECG waveforms. A drag from the top moves from portrait to landscape mode to review extended waveforms. Quick keys for common functions are accessed with a quick swipe from the bottom and a tap pulls up even more functionality.

Robust and reliable, the TM80 exceeds the 1.5 metre drop test and is IPX7 waterproof rated. Power options include a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that provides impressive runtime on a single charge.

The TM80’s device location feature can locate patients that travel outside the network range while the back-fill functionality helps to maintain a complete patient record.


Key Features

Monitors 3/5/6-lead ECG, respiration, and SpO2
Patient data is visible on the 3.5” touchscreen LCD or accessible throughout the hospital with the Mindray Central Monitoring System (CMS)
Gesture-driven for fast, intuitive operation
Compact and lightweight, weighing only 229g
Arrhythmia, ST and real-time QT analysis at BeneVision Central Station
Automatically switches to “monitor mode” when outside of Wi-Fi coverage providing local alarms should any adverse events occur
Records up to 200 events, 48 hours of trend data and two hours of full disclosure waveforms, which is all back-filled once the device reconnects to the Wi-Fi
Caregivers can be alerted if patients move outside of the network range
IPX7 waterproof rated and 1.5m drop tested
Compatible with over 49 leading cleaning agents
Run time up to 36 hours, utilising AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack
2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi
Non-invasive blood pressure provided by patient-worn BP10 (optional)

*Mindray provides three SpO2 options, Mindray, Masimo and Nellcor. For further information please contact your Norso Medical Account Manager.


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