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Study Favours Masimo's SedLine for Better Patient Outcome

New Study Suggests That Masimo SedLine® Brain Function Monitoring May Aid Early Identification of Patients at Risk of Developing Postoperative Delirium.

Norso Medical Partner -Masimo Corporation recently announced the findings of a favorable study result wherein researchers evaluated the relationship between parameters derived from electroencephalogram (EEG) spectra and postoperative delirium (POD) in older patients undergoing elective surgery. The EEG spectra was measured using Masimo SedLine Brain Function Monitoring. The findings were published in the Anesthesia & Analgesia.

For investors’ note, the researchers found that the incidence of POD correlated with numerous spectral dynamics, especially spectral edge frequency (SEF). This indicates that such EEG-based markers may aid in early identification of patients who are at risk of developing POD.

The latest positive study outcome is a major stepping stone for Masimo’s brain function monitoring business across the world.

A Few Words on POD

POD is an acute state of mental confusion characterized by alterations in attention, consciousness and disorganized thinking. It is a common and serious complication, which afflicts around 60% of patients after a major surgery, is most common in the elderly and occurs in up to 91% of the critically ill. POD is associated both with worse short- and long-term outcomes and higher costs. Several medical bodies have made the prevention of POD a public health priority.

The researchers sought to investigate whether specific pre-operative and pre-existing EEG signatures might be related to a higher risk of developing POD. This followed their action of making a note of the incidence of POD resulting from prolonged EEG burst suppression during general anesthesia.

The study demonstrated that the majority of the enrolled patients did not develop POD, whereas only 17% developed the condition. The researchers concluded that lower pre-operative SEF, absence of slowing in EEG while transitioning from the pre-operative state to an unconscious state and lower EEG power in relevant frequency bands in both these states are related to the development of POD. The results might suggest an underlying pathophysiology (the disordered physiological processes associated with disease or injury) and might be used as an EEG-based marker for early identification of patients who are at risk of developing POD.

Full Details on the Study can be read here

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