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Norso Medical announces sponsorship of BEAI Conference 2022

Norso Medical is proud to announce our silver sponsorship of the 25th Annual Biomedical & Clinical Engineering Scientific Conference to be held on Friday 30th September 2022 Aviva Stadium, Dublin.

The Biomedical & Clinical Engineering Association of Ireland - BEAI - was set up in 1992 in response to the demands of the growing number of engineers working on electromedical equipment in the public sector. Various sub-committees have been formed to investigate education, publications, training, and professional restructuring. Much has been achieved since the inauguration of the BEAI, including developing a professional profile and opportunities for further education and training.

The Association aims to promote and encourage the professional development of Biomedical Engineering personnel through training and restructuring; to advance the science, technology, ethics and art of Biomedical Engineering; to facilitate cooperation and understanding among Biomedical/Clinical Engineering personnel and other healthcare professionals.

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