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Norso Medical LTD appointed exclusive distribution partner for Monivent® Neo Training

Norso medical Limited is pleased to announce a new Partnership with Monivent for the distribution of Monivent® Neo Training within Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Monivent Neo Training is a tool to improve simulated ventilation training on manikin by providing continuous feedback on the same ventilation parameters.

Founded in 2012, Norso Medical is a leading All-Ireland Medical supply and service company specialising in Patient Monitoring, Ultrasound and Co-Oximetry. Keith Wonnacott and Pat Whelan, Co-Directors / Founders of Norso Medical said “We are proud to have been selected by Monivent to represent their ground-breaking Neo Training product in our Irish markets. The ability to deliver effective ventilations represents a critical factor when managing newborns requiring ventilatory support. As the need to apply this skill can be relatively infrequent, there is a clear need for regular and high-quality ventilation training. To meet this need, the Monivent Neo Training device offers a unique training solution for maintaining and improving manual ventilation skills.”

Founded in 2013, Monivent is a young Swedish MedTech company dedicated to improve the emergency care given to newborn babies in need of respiratory support at birth.

"Through Norso Medical, Monivent now has the opportunity to reach customers across Ireland as it covers both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This is very gratifying as these markets are very interesting for Monivent with many leading experts in neonatology and respiratory support of newborns," says Karin Dahllöf, CEO of Monivent."

Further Details on Monivent Neo Training can be found here

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