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Monivent® Neo100 provides Feedback and Guidance during Manual Ventilation of Newborns

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Based on clinical needs, Monivent Neo100 provides healthcare professionals with instant feedback and colour-coded guidance during manual ventilation of neonates. The unique innovative solution is ready to be used in seconds, offers wireless data transfer and has minimal impact on clinical routines.

Learn more about the unique Monivent Neo100 and how it can support you during manual ventilation in the delivery room (DR) or in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).



  • Colour-coded guidance on VTe supports ventilation within the volume target range

  • Sensor Module LED gives VTe guidance allowing the caregiver to focus on the baby

  • Real-time feedback on VTe and PIP help to identify and adjust for changes in lung compliance and identify critical clinical conditions

  • Clear feedback on a selected number of parameters for easy interpretation of data

  • Wireless data transfer reduces the need for cables on the resuscitation table

  • Add-on to existing ventilation equipment with minimal impact on clinical routines

  • Ready for use within seconds

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