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Expanded vision, unlimited possibilities

The TE9 Ultrasound System is designed to help facilitate better patient care and expand the imaging capabilities for anesthesia, emergency, and critical care applications.With advanced features, a large touchscreen, and superior imaging technology, the TE9 is ideally suited to help improve clinical efficiency and diagnostic confidence. Smart automation tools provide clinicians with rapid, reproducible measurements for confident exams and procedures, even in fast-paced environments.

Safe to Puncture

With eSpacial NaviTM,  guides you to better visualize the needle adaptively during either In-Plane or Out-of-Plane procedures. The position of the tip and the alignment of the needle now are simply identified, allowing you to plan the needle trajectory before puncturing and guiding you to the target safer and easier.

Single Operator Puncture Solution.jpg
  • 21.5’’ high-definition touch screen

  • Three transducer connectors for various exam types

  • The built-in battery allows for up to two hours of continuous scan time

  • Wifi-enabled

  • Dedicated cable management to avoid transducer damage

  • Retractable cord to reduce tripping hazards and contamination

  • iVocal innovative voice command

Exceptional Design for an Extraordinary Experience

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