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Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Innovation, in Every Facet

The Nuewa I9, dedicatedly designed for women and neonatal healthcare, providing an innovative experience from inside out. These innovations are developed based on in-depth insights into complex clinical scenarios, providing accurate and timely answers as well as outstanding efficiency and remarkable user experience.

Unlimited Scanning Flexibility Beyond Imagination

iConsole -- Intelligent Control Panel

Intelligent and clinical exam-specific control panel layout with special E-ink keys

Breakthrough design with adaptive layout for different clinical scenarios

Unrivaled Ease of Use

Easy to Use in Every Possible Clinical Scenario

3D/4D interaction becomes extremely intuitive and easy with reduced knob adjustments. Simply click and choose the effect you want for different application scenarios, such as Routine, iLive, Bone, Tissue, Follicle application scenario and so on. The preset imaging settings have been integrated in the system for optimal volume imaging effects.

Bedside Exams without Power Cables

  • Up to 4 hours continuous scanning

  • Auto indication of residual power when you grasp the right handle

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