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Vital Signs


Simplicity meets Connectivity

From spot checks to continuous bedside monitoring, VS-900 not only measures NIBP, SpO2 and temperature, but also has the capability for manual entries of up to six additional vitals, National Early Warning Scoring system that can aid in clinical decisions and customisable NIBP modes for added flexibility.


In today’s healthcare environment, vital sign data collection, validation and timely EPR posting are essential in providing the best possible medical care. When done manually, this process can be subject to errors and omissions which can affect efficiency and delay in clinical decisions.

The VS-900 offers multiple connectivity solutions to respond to your institutional requirements. Data can be posted directly to the EPR at the point-of-care, or upon completion of your rounds.


Key Features

  • Large 8.4″ back-lit high resolution TFT 

  • Intuitive touchscreen 

  • Manual, automatic and customisable NIBP 

  • Manual input of vitals

  • Integration with ADT and results messaging 

  • PI (Perfusion Index) from SpO2 

  • Stores up to 5000 measurements, accessible by patient 

  • Supports nurse call interface

  • Wired and wireless communications

  • Optional temperature

  • Optional barcode scanner 

  • Optional recorder

  • Optional extended battery

  • Optional EWS

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Key Features

  • High definition display provides bright and clear view

  • Weighing less than 1.7 kg, its lightweight design provides a highly mobile spot-check vital signs solution

  • Hi-capacity Li-ion battery provides more than 22 hours of continuous monitoring

  • Trusted temperature measurement provides fast oral temperature reading

  • PI (Perfusion Index) provides caregivers with an indication of the reliability of SpO2 measurement

Clear | Simple | Portable

VS-600 is the ideal portable vital signs monitor, satisfying your basic clinical needs for periodic spot-check in low-acuity areas of the hospital.

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