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M-Connect IT Solution


Connecting infinite healthcare possibilities

Unlock new healthcare possibilities with Mindray’s M-Connect, the complete connectivity solution designed to help you achieve your digital objectives and deliver future-proof standards of care. By enabling interoperability between medical devices and third-party electronic patient records (EPR), M-Connect offers uninterrupted visibility of patient data, streamlined workflows and scalable integration, helping to ensure better patient outcomes at every stage. 

Boost the capabilities of medical devices and improve the accuracy of your EPR system with a universal monitoring platform that provides total visibility of patient data, from admission to discharge.

For a smooth integration process that minimises disruptions and works around you, the M-Connect system can link devices and EPR systems across entire hospitals, or individual departments one by one, with a range of systems that support vendor-neutral integration with networks of any size or infrastructure type.

Get detailed patient information anywhere and share medical expertise between clinicians, departments, and hospital sites as part of the M-Connect IT solution. Send data to WorkStations, ViewStations, tablets, PCs and mobiles for remote patient monitoring, timely alarms and faster responses to patient deterioration.

To safeguard patient privacy and keep pace with cybersecurity standards, Mindray takes a defence-in-depth approach to data protection, using a combination of strategies to secure your IT system.

  • A total connectivity solution for hospitals and departments aiming for future-proof integration

  • Clinical and technical support throughout the implementation process and training thereafter

  • Scalable and compatible with existing devices and IT infrastructure of any size or type

  • Continuous real-time access and visibility of patient monitoring data through Mindray’s Central Monitoring System (CMS)

  • Data integration with third-party devices such as ventilators and anaesthesia machines into Mindray monitors via the BeneLink module

  • Seamlessly upload patient data from networked monitors and devices connected via BeneLink into your existing EPR system via Mindray’s gateway

  • Range of security and authentication strategies to protect against cybersecurity threats

  • Robust and resilient redundancy measures through high-availability server clustering

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