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Iris Gateway™

Automatic data transfer from medical devices into Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) could improve productivity and reduce the likelihood of transcription errors.1 Existing approaches for device connectivity can clutter the patient room, burden IT management, and increase the complexity and cost of care. Masimo Iris™and Root® seek to simplify connectivity across the continuum of care.

Iris Gateway bridges the gap between device data generated at the patient bedside and documentation in patient data management systems such as EMRs.


Masimo Patient SafetyNet™

Patient SafetyNet is a supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification system which displays near real-time information from any connected Masimo or third-party device at a central station and allows alarms and alerts from bedside devices to be sent directly to clinicians.



UniView aggregates data and alarms from multiple Masimo and third-party devices — such as patient monitors, ventilators, anesthesia machines, IV pumps and others connected through Masimo systems — on a supplemental display



  • Display patient data from Masimo monitors on compatible smart devices

  • Configure the display differently than that of the connected Masimo device

  • Integrates into existing hospital infrastructures where a supplemental display may be beneficial, such as the operating room or cardiac theater

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